Who is myf warhurst dating

25-May-2015 02:10

"Myf is extremely appealing to young women because she represents an entirely different ideal of womanhood than the one they are used to seeing on television," Brough says."We tend to see one particular type of young woman - blonde, not being given a hell of a lot to do and prone to being in bikinis in travel shows." " has been the perfect vehicle," says her friend Tim Ross of the comedy duo Merrick and Rosso.While studying, she reviewed CDs for The Age Entertainment Guide and wrote articles on a range of topics: Circus Oz, indigenous art, You Am I's Tim Rogers. It meant going out every night to places such as the Tote in Collingwood or the Punters Club in Fitzroy, watching the Beasts of Bourbon or Kim Salmon and the Surrealists or young hopefuls eager to see their names in print. "No one earns much, but you got to go to all these gigs without forking out." In 2000, Merrick and Rosso invited Warhurst onto their daily drive-time program on Triple J for a bi-weekly spot talking about entertainment gossip.Tim Ross knew Warhurst through her brother Kit with whom Ross had gone to university."I told him that on because "We didn't get Channel Ten in Mildura".Countless hours spent in pursuit of pop music and trash TV might not appear the greatest groundwork for a successful career but, for Warhurst, these early experiences have paid off.Rock acts largely ignored Mildura, which meant almost no exposure to live music. "I wanted to go to a Blue Light disco when I was 13 but Mum said no - too young, too many boys." But her parents relented when she was 15, allowing her to travel by bus to Adelaide to see a Jimmy Barnes show.

"My high-school music teacher inspired me to listen to Tom Waits' Blue Valentine," she says.Unfortunately, I didn't see a thing because I was too short." It was a good life in Red Cliffs, living in the mud-brick house the family built, swimming in the Murray, riding her Appaloosa horse called Farley."There was something nice and simple about growing up in the country," she says. But I was ready for distractions by 17." She moved to Melbourne at 17 to study music education at Melbourne University and later a bachelor of arts, fine art and art curatorial studies.She lived in a series of share houses in North Melbourne, Parkville, Collingwood and Richmond.

Her brothers Kit and Andre were both musicians, in bands such as Manic Suede (Kit Warhurst is now in a band called Rocket Science), so music played a big role in her life.

And what a treasure trove it was: Kiss was well represented; there was a smattering of AC/DC, Beach Boys and Talking Heads - a solid jumping-off point for a curious young pop fan.