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01-Aug-2015 18:36

My ancestors came here because they really had no place else to go and worked to make themselves and this place better.

I feel as though it’s my privilege to continue that work.

Vi har så mycket att berätta men ingen vågar skriva när sista inlägget är från 2014. Grattis till ...dunderreklamen om samhället i Sveriges Radio; om ni nu längtar efter tunnelbana och Glob. 201 invånare, det är ungefär vad som bor i vårt flerfamiljs hus här i Västerås.

Jag har många fina minnen däruppifrån både från arbetet och från friluftsliv och skidliv.

A man who was chatting me up in a bus station in Bucharest asked me where I was from and when I told him, he said, “Oh, you mean where everybody marries their cousin?

” People would use the word “redneck” as an umbrella term to imply either ignorance or bigotry and then turn to me and say, “Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t mean you.” Once a concierge in Sweden even commented on how impressive it was that I still had all my teeth considering I was from, “the American South.” I had known that these stereotypes were out there, but I had always assumed that people outside of West Virginia understood that they were exaggerated.

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If not for Irene, I may have never realized that by attempting to “cure” myself of my accent, I was turning my back on my ancestors, I was saying that I was better than they were.I never questioned these stereotypes because I knew they had come from the outside, from somewhere bright and urban where everyone was tolerant, well-educated, kind and fair.

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