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There's nothing super fancy about it -- no breakfast sandwiches on artisan bread smeared with flavored aioli, no custard-dipped brioche French toast scented with lavender honey -- but the "Ginormous Breakfast Platter" is everything it's made out to be with three eggs, three slices of bacon, three sausage links, two silver dollar pancakes, hash browns, AND toast for just .99.What you're getting: The Five Fifty Donckers in Downtown Marquette is an old-school candy shop, soda fountain, and diner (seriously, the building itself dates back to 1914) with new-school sensibilities when it comes to its locally/seasonally driven all-breakfast menu.All of its specials are worth trying, but you can't go wrong with the Cereal Killer San'wich made with smoked ham, fried egg, and American cheese stuffed between two slices of its popular Cap'n Crunch-encrusted French toast.What you're getting: Voodoo Benedict Despite the misleading name, Grosse Pointe Farms is not, in fact, a farm, let alone plural "farms." Regardless, the Jagged Fork prides itself on fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and it has a huge range of Benedicts, omelets, skillets, and other stuff to choose from.It's got a menu of 26 different three-egg omelet options, but those options get a little... 14, "Biker's Dream," includes a "Harley Davidson, shirt polished by a brunette, blonde, or red head" (for ,000).

Order up the Yooper Benny, with two poached eggs and fresh walleye atop English muffins and drizzled with tarragon-lemon aioli. If most people drew a map that showed exactly what they thought of Michigan (Oh wait, we already did that!), it probably wouldn’t have a bunch of breakfast joints on it, but that’s only because they’ve haven’t checked out our list of the best AM-eats spots in the state. What you're getting: Breakfast Poutine It took awhile for Canada’s favorite French fry-based dish to really take hold in Detroit, and we largely have Canadian-people-owned Brooklyn Street Local to thank for really making it happen.The Finnish pronunciation is much more staccato and when your server repeats it back to you, just look blankly at her and say, "Yes." What you're getting: Whatever is on special The Songbird Café is a stylish, adorable café in Ann Arbor's north side. What you're getting: B-Street French Toast Ferndale was, at least for a time, the breakfast and brunch epicenter of southeastern Michigan. ) have robbed Ferndale of its championship brunch belt, but the original Toast is still here and it is still just as delicious and adorable as ever.

The weekday breakfast is pretty basic but the weekend brunch is not; unfortunately, the menu changes every week (based on seasonal availability) so we can't quite tantalize you with promises of food items it might never serve again, but we CAN tell you that past brunch specials have included a cookie butter crunch French toast and Kogi (Korean BBQ) breakfast tacos. The closing of Pete's Broadway Café and Club Bart and the recent sale of Mae's just a few blocks up Woodward in Pleasant Ridge (still cute! There are lots of yummy things on the menu but you can't lose with the B-Street French Toast: crispy fried baguette, fresh bananas, and candied bacon dusted with cinnamon sugar and doused with brown butter bourbon sauce.

Since this is its signature dish, you have to try the breakfast version, with eggs, choice of meat, cheese, and hash browns stuffed into said bread.