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01-Dec-2014 03:06

It swings history at us, hoping we're sophisticated enough to understand that Mac understands.

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He talked of Negro rights and the long arc of history that was now circling the country regarding the Negro. The movie stars four stand-up comics: Bernie Mac, D. Lee lets his comics talk about anything they want to: sex, marriage, whites, blacks, hip-hop.

And also in the stuttering integration we all still participate in. Imagine looking in the mirror and watching the mirror crack and trying to put it back together for a laugh.

"Take a nigger to bed with you tonight," Dick Gregory had once said to the whites attending a civil rights rally in the state of Mississippi.

James Meredith, an eccentric black man, had entered the all-white University of Mississippi. Kennedy looked out into the TV audience (needless to say, he assumed it was all white) and asked who among them were willing to "change places with the Negro." Negroes might have gotten a sure laugh out of that one, rushing to their tenement windows, looking for whites who might be yelling, "Me! " Now fast-forward to years later, and listen to comic Chris Rock doing stand-up, looking out over his audience, into all those white faces, and saying, "Ain't no white man here willing to trade places with me." Long pause. The movie serves as a kind of explainer, actually--blacks explaining, sometimes in inside-joke fashion, our dilemma of existing tranquilly in society and hoping whites get it.

It is a kind of history lesson of the American Negro laugh track. They are the integrators; for once, it is not the other way around.Cosby is your father's best comic; Bernie Mac, maybe secretly, is yours.