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His first album with AFI was Black Sails in the Sunset (1999).

The first song he wrote for the band was "Malleus Maleficarum".

The song is only available through purchasing the album on i Tunes.

He also did some additional production on The Dear & Departed`s debut album Something Quite Peculiar[5].

In 2007, Puget and AFI bandmate Davey Havok released the album Cex Cells as the electronic duo Blaqk Audio.

The album reached #18 on the Billboard 200 and featured the single "Stiff Kittens", which peaked at #20 on the Alternative Songs chart.

The album produced the singles "Love Like Winter" (#4) and "The Missing Frame" (#17).

Decemberunderground sold over 993,000 copies by 2009.

Before joining AFI in 1998, Puget played in various bands, including Loose Change and Redemption 87.In Boise on the Rancid, tour I went to run up the wall and jump off it but my foot went straight through instead and my leg was buried in the wall up to my knee.I tried to play a blazing solo to take people’s minds off it but I don’t think it worked...On October 22, 2013, AFI's 9th studio album, Burials, was released.

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In the months prior to the release, two songs were released as singles.The first, I Hope You Suffer, was released July 22.