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Although most of his coworkers are afraid of him, they also know to come to him in dangerous situations rather than attempt to resolve them themselves.

His particular area of expertise appears to be the grills, and he is often found on the verge of selling a "Beastmaster", although Chuck frequently manages to torpedo the sale, unintentionally.

He also attended Roan Montgomery's course on Infiltration and Inducement of Enemy Personnel ("Seduction School") and failed it twice – although it was revealed that Montgomery failed him because Casey's partner was "too pretty," with Montgomery also musing that he should have failed Casey a few more times on account of his attractive partner.

Casey suffered a devastating personal tragedy while stationed undercover in Chechnya.

Partnered with Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, and Morgan Grimes on Team Bartowski, they are now working as freelance spies at Carmichael Industries.

Colonel (seasons 2-4), Liaison with CIA (seasons 1-4) and NCS (season 4), Carmichael Industries operative (season 5), Buy More Greenshirt (cover, seasons 1-4) Alex Coburn (birth name), David Coleman (alias, season 2), Angel de la Muerte (title, season 3), Angel de la Vida (title, seasons 3-4), Sugar Bear (Ilsa, season 1), Jon-Jon (Chuck, season 4), Case Logic (Morgan, season 4), Johnny-boy (mother, season 2), Johnny (Carina, seasons 1-4), Rambo (Langston Graham, season 1) John Casey (birth name Alexander "Alex" Coburn) is a main character on the action-comedy television series Chuck on NBC. As of the fourth season finale, Casey is fired from his marine forces and the NSA, therefore reverting his rank of Colonel.

He was involved with an Associated Press photographer named Ilsa Trinchina who was apparently killed in a bomb blast near the hotel where they were staying.

He was to determine what Chuck knew and who he worked for, and eliminate him.

Casey also had a final tryst with Ilsa after capturing the Russian crime boss before she departed for further espionage missions. He is a supporter of Ronald Reagan, is pro gun rights, and appears to be a Rush Limbaugh fan also (given his reaction to the news that a con artist had swindled Limbaugh out of million).

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