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20-Dec-2016 21:23

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My older sister is 25, and she is still single, my parents are very worried, they get everyone to introduce men to her, and I get that mission too.As my husband is a westerner, and I think highly of western men (I think highly of chinese men too of course), so I am very interested to find her a western boyfriend.While it’s great to be the person that can explain what the “T. I don’t mean I use him to speak for me, just that it’s nice to have someone there for backup if I’m going into territory my Spanish has never gone before, such as when he accompanied me to the pharmacy to buy some meds for a yeast infection.But while he helps me manage situations where my language barrier is a hindrance, our relationship can occasionally bring more about.

Languages are not neutral; it’s not so much that I am a different person in English, but the language I have at my disposal does influence the way I speak and interact with people, and the way they see me.

I’m doubly the outsider when hanging out with his friends because I can’t quite keep up with the jokes either for language or for contextual reasons, or both.

He asked me recently if I felt differently about our relationship because we don't speak English together.

If she's 25, didn't she have English classes in a few years of school/college?

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As an American man that does not speak any Chinese dialect I probably wouldn't date a women that didn't speak English.

Bilingualism is fairly new for me, so I did not consider until relatively recently the possibility of having a relationship in a language besides English, or even the fact that all relationships take place in a language to begin with.

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