Dating a computer science guy

17-Jun-2014 21:11

We looked at the same data broken down by specific schools, and we found the problem to be just as pervasive at Ivy League universities and tech powerhouse schools as anywhere else, and in some cases even worse.Female computer science majors at Harvard answered 39% fewer questions than their male colleagues, which is roughly at par with the US and Canadian averages.To my absolute shock, I heard time and again from my colleagues who had attended all of the top computer science programs that my experience was not at all unique.Sure, other women knew how to speak to their male classmates, but being a woman in an all-male or mostly-male environment, as most computer science programs are, was, for my colleagues as well as for myself, an extremely frustrating and isolating experience.Furthermore, a feature on Piazza that allows students to ask and answer questions anonymously, while popular among all students, is significantly more popular with female students.We think this data can be interpreted as a sign that many female computer science students feel uncomfortable speaking up.Incidentally, men studying computer science at Harvey Mudd are more confident on average than men at other schools, too.

When I started college at IIT Kanpur, I had no idea how to speak to boys.Are schools doing enough to support their female computer science students?For starters, how many are raising awareness among educators about unconscious bias, which Yale researchers found to be prevalent when scientists were asked to review job applications for identically qualified male and female students.For example, the introduction to computer science class is segregated by previous coding experience, so you don’t have students new to coding taking a class alongside a (male) gamer who has been coding since childhood.

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They have also updated the curriculum to make it both fun and relevant.

Most of the top-paying jobs for college graduates today involve computer science and engineering degrees, yet only 18% of computer science graduates are women.

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