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“The best thing about it is you don’t know how many friends said, ‘Did you know my son or daughter is gay?‘ It was quite heart-warming.” Chaiken and Hood have 8-year-old twins, who consider themselves half-Jewish.In 1988, she was the coordinating producer for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the associate producer for Satisfaction.She then wrote the screenplay Barb Wire (1996), and the television films Dirty Pictures (2000), and Damaged Care (2002) before the success of The L Word raised her profile.That’s one of the story arcs of the sure-to-be controversial Showtime Network series that premieres 10 p.m. “There are bits and pieces of me in Jenny and one or two other characters I channel myself through,” Chaiken said in a telephone interview. Jenny’s psychology is different, but her story is very much like mine.” Chaiken was 24 when she came out — but that doesn’t mean that’s when she told the world she was gay. Until then, she’d led an unremarkable middle-class life.She grew up in a household “strongly identified as Jewish” in the suburbs of Philadelphia, dating, living with a boyfriend, knowing something was out of kilter, yet not understanding what.And when I go to temple and take part in that ritual, I always feel very connected and love to sing along.I still remember all the prayers.” Ironically, it was Chaiken’s partner who suggested that their children become bar mitzvah. She comes from a family steeped in the traditions of the Church of England, which she finds in many ways objectionable.

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They didn’t turn me down, but they just didn’t buy it.” It wasn’t until the Golden Globes four years ago that the network told her the program was a go.She recently served as emcee of a NAMI Walk, as well as raised money for the organization, including matching incoming donations.