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This means that you as a parent receive a much more detailed level of reporting about your child’s progress.Students in Class Eight are looking for authentic explanations that have meaning for the world they live in during this important threshold year and transition to High School. I'm affectionate, sensitive, i am also easy going and have a good sense of humour. I love sailing cruising,not racing and reading,going to beach and also cooking.i also enjoy a good drama movies.i have watch some good drama. The knights, the fights all the running, the cars to fast a blast to the past. i am looking for an extrovert,honest, warm, sincere.Scary hairless dogs named Bob, talking cats, man eating rats.Then the bad guys set the trap, and poor little Ed falls throw the cracks. s sweet little girls with strange powers ripping heads off and killing flowers. Empty amour with a soul evil homunculus out of control.Students choose one language they would like to continue to study with for the year.With adolescence, the inner soul forces of the young human being become active and with this there is a corresponding bodily change.

Festivals bring the whole community together in shared purpose and highlight the supportive cycles of the year.

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