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03-May-2015 12:27

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Additionally you can protect your Internet connection from snoopers that could spy on your traffic and avoiding monitoring processes thanks to the encryption it provides.In this way, besides providing safe access to worldwide information, it can unlock general services whilst keeping your computer protected against unwanted malware thanks to its impenetrable tunnel.If you’ve ever idly looked at a shed online only to spend the next decade being followed around the internet by adverts for sheds, you’ll know that when you’re online you leave a footprint.But you probably don’t realise just how many different organisations are tracking you online – and if you’re on a public Wi-Fi connection, how vulnerable your data may be.Once you download it and have it installed on your computer, there is no need to touch its settings to have the correct performance.This may be due to the fact that the application lacks really advanced functions, but it at least fulfils its objective sufficiently, without having advanced knowledge about networking or the use of the Internet.It keeps your online surfing anonymous, and has the happy side-effect of bypassing geographic blocks – so you can bypass those annoying “this video is not available in your country” messages on your favourite video sites, or blocked sites if you’re connecting at work or school.

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The application has been awarded with recognitions such as the Best Online Security/Privacy Application by 2013 Appy Awards for its contribution to users’ privacy.

This application is known for the security it grants along with the possibility of avoiding censorship.

Using Hotspot Shield you can establish your connection as if you were in another country: for example, in the United States, Japan or Australia.

Firstly, you just have to close your active browsers before you open the VPN application.

Then, for getting the full protection of the software click on the connect button.

The process takes a bit less than a minute to completely protect your Internet connection.