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17-Oct-2016 19:04

Souan likes to pound a good ass with all his might and Max, the Blatino stud with his 9 inch caliber, never gets tired! Mounir is going to experience real male power and he's in good hands Zitoune knows how to treat an ass when he gets one!Don't miss this ass-banging video, it's gonna go a long way!Nader loves meeting other Arab dudes for some hot session.Today he introduce little Jawad, who has little experience but is very eager to learn, to the pleasure of ass-fun. Here is another happy victim of Boris rough sexual practices in this scene where he sneaks up on a dude taking a piss against a wall.

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Arabic is famous for its nonconcatenative morphology, a process of forming words that does not put them in a clear numerical order.An Arab mixed-race dude shows up to distract him from work... The two Scallies love to share a good passive dude so when they get their hands on Nicolas Tori, you know he's gonna get well used and abused!The shirt and tie swiftly removed, the office guy enjoys areal rascal cock down his throat, then against the wall it's time for his ass to get a good ride. First a few kick up the ass, spit in the face and insultes then it's bend-over-time for an ass-trashing session!In Arabic there’s no need for a copula like the English “is” or “are” — just a simple “How work? I corrected myself and tried my sentence again: “عندك طيز كبير” [ʕindak tˤiːz kabiːr] “You’ve got a big ass.” [ʕind] is actually a preposition, meaning “near” — [ʕindak] meaning “near you.” This is a popular construction: To say, “You have a big ass,” many languages will say “A big ass is to/near you.” Its formal name is the (“I have”), from Latin which used both styles.

Despite my efforts, I’d still missed that [tˤiːz] was a feminine noun.

My search involved the root /n-j-k/, “to fuck.” Roots with a /j/ (English “y”) or /w/ require the use of extensive transformational rules, and most books simply list special pattern tables for each possible case. Adding the suffix /-niː/ “me,” my exclamation would surface in نكني /nikniː/. I decided to put the /n-j-k/ root to better use with a more friendly volitional statement: !

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