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Related Link: When is it OK to Be Friends with an Ex? Finally, don’t share too much information about your relationship: Relationships are meant to be intimate and private, so if you’re divulging every detail to someone else, it can come off as you trying to connect with intimately and privately.Your boo will probably want some things kept under wraps when it comes to your love, so sharing that information with an opposite sex pal is a violation of trust.You may even need to face up to the fact that your friendship will have to come to an end.The test is whether or not you are being completely honest with your partner.Being friendly can compromise your relationship, even if you don’t mean to offend your significant other.Always think about how you would feel if your beau did the same thing with his opposite-sex friends.Friends – as we all know – are incredibly important for support, love and generally making us more rounded human beings.Just as you shouldn’t neglect your relationship in favour of your friends, don’t do the opposite.

Constantly bringing up the fact that you’ve “known each other for so long” or that you’re “like family” can make your significant other feel like they’re less important.

If your partner falls into the former category, it’s important to remember that while you should respect their wishes, you also need to have your own mind.

If you feel they are being overly possessive, you may need to tackle them about their behaviour.

It’s better to communicate via more public avenues, like Twitter or Instagram.

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That way, your sweetheart won’t feel like you’re hiding your friendship. Don’t spend too much one-on-one time together: Similarly, spending too much time alone with a friend of the opposite sex can be inappropriate.

Whether it’s the girl you’ve known since you were five, or the university friend you’ve shared tons of experiences with, it can be tough for romantic partners to accept these friendships.

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