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Rinpoche was one of the primary lineage holders of the Longchen Nyingthig, and in particular the lineage that descends through Jigme Lingpa's heart son Jigme Gyalwe Nyugu and then on to Patrul Rinpoche.Rinpoche has shunned institutional and political involvement his whole life, choosing instead to live the life of a wandering yogi.Trijang was also the principle master of NKT founder, Kelsang Gyatso., a refutation of Zimey’s divisive work which discusses, inter alia, the faults of sectarianism and the distortions that arose in the Gelug tradition in recent decades as a result of Shugden devotees activities.While in his early 90s and after publication of Chatral Rinpoche was the victim of an assasination attempt at the hands of a deranged young Westerner and Shugden devotee.Claiming to be possessed by the spirit, the would-be assassin attempted to strangle the aged practitioner in clear retaliation for his staunch, anti Shugden views.To offer care and affection to sentient beings In desperate situations who lack protection Brings just as much merit as the meditation On emptiness with compassion as its core— So it has been said by glorious Lord Atisha.

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I shall now in brief describe the benefits Of freeing animals and ransoming their lives.Fortunately for the Rinpoche and his students, the attempt was unsuccessful.Chatral Rinpoche’s autobiography, ‘Compassionate Action’, edited by Zach Larson and published by Snow Lion, is available from Amazon local sites.By the merit of this may all sentient beings Come to practice enlightened actions! Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 13 of the Malaysian Copyright Act 1987, allowance is made for “fair dealing” for purposes such as non-profit research, private study, criticism, review or the reporting of current events.

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The Operator and author(s) of Tsem, a not-for-profit blog, do not claim ownership on the intellectual property rights of the contents, images and/or videos reproduced in this article.He has advocated vegetarianism In addition to his emphasis on the union of view and conduct, Rinpoche also stressed the practice of retreat.