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If you're marked for termination, you'll be the last one to know about it.

And being the grown-up responsible people that they are, your co-workers will be quite happy to whisper about your impending doom in a dark corner of the coffee room.

But it basically comes down to one role…the project takes you away from REAL work and puts you on something that's either mildly important, not important at all, is going nowhere, or is just plain useless. The second you are asked to leave a project you know is important for one that sounds like a bunch of bologna, your career is heading south quickly. Are your successes and accomplishments being glossed over? It shows that the company or your boss still gives a crap. It's another one of those 'cover the company's butt' scenarios, in which HR demonstrates they did everything they possibly could to make things work. Not a major warning sign on its own, but combined with a few others, this has danger written all over it. This person may have been the only one keeping the wolf from your door. Certain companies give certain groups of employees unplanned vacations as an internal control--it's a way of detecting misuse of company resources.

"Hey Smith, how is that special project on frozen concentrated orange juice coming along? Can I ask what this has to do with the IT department? This one's tricky to work out, because most bosses and coworkers are weasels who will happily play down your role in order to make themselves look good. So it may not be a sign of danger, since the employees that's normally done for are usually in financially critical jobs, which is why they would have the chance to misuse resources.

I admit, grammatically I could learn a thing or two, but I write for ease of understanding and use common langauge. "copywriter by trade" How is it someone with such a poor grasp of basic grammar is able to have a career in this field?!

(this is not a rhetorical question, I am curious how you managed to land a job that required the formation of sentences greater than six words.

It usually IS wrong to begin a sentence with a conjunction (a mistake you make in every other paragraph). As to the first complaint of using "they" as a singular third person pronoun - get over it.

Remember poor old Milton in Office Space being moved from one small space to another, until he was eventually sat in the dark, in the basement, dealing with pest problems. When employees are in the firing line, it's a lot easier to move them around and downsize their environment without worrying about their morale.

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