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Ah ah ah ah, My worldview has utterly collapsed in a single night! Yellow’s True Monarch and Nine Provinces (1) Group Chapter 2: Please Wait For Esteemed Me To Divinate Chapter 3: One Pill Recipe Chapter 4: ?

City’s 3rd stage – Houtian lightning tribulation Chapter 5: I Believe In Science!

Synopsis: On a certain day, Song Shuhang accidentally joined a deeply afflicted Xianxia chuunibyou(Year 2 middle school disease) chat group, the group members inside all address each other as ‘fellow daoist’.

Their contact cards are all either Sect Master, Cave Master, Spiritual Master or Heavenly Expert.

Chapter 28: Last resort in a desperate situation, let’s go!

Chapter 72: Resolve Chapter 73: Trouble still came in the end!

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