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In many cases they are unable to achieve this in the foreseeable future.

So what should they do until they reach this stage?

Abstinence from voting will not realistically lead to change and any sane person would say that abstaining from selecting the least evil option would only leave room for the more evil option to win.

Here I would like to respond to the various arguments posited by those brothers who are against selection through voting.

Chaity, a former tv presenter was an assistant director of movie Aha and during the movie, Nirzhor and Chaity came close.

Nirzhor gets married with Tanzika after the shock of the leaked video is appreciated by their fans and followers.

Some observers believe that this new term was introduced in order to emphasise that Muslim countries should be democratic in their selecting rulers as well as constitution.

So from this perspective, a liberal democracy entails that the constitution itself has to be subject to selection through a democratic mechanism.

That is why we see the introduction of the term liberal democracy.When video was shoot Akhi looked at the camera at the beginning. There was some news that her boyfriend is a model of the capital Dhaka. Though It was removed within a few days but recently it massively spread up in Bangladesh.It is said that the video was recorded in the drawing room or the living room of a house in the elite . Young people are searching it In Google search and it is widely available in recent times . This situation involves the following three parties: Firstly, for the ruler who offers the implementation of the law of the Creator (Sharīʿah) and questions or debates between people; there is no doubt that this ruler has committed an act of Secondly, as for the subjects who are requested to select between the Sharīʿah and secular law; of course, it is incumbent upon them to opt for the Sharīʿah.

The mechanism of choosing the Sharīʿah may take various forms such as voting, demonstrations, or lobbying through correspondence.

Let us commence by considering the following scenario: There is, in a faraway land, a ruler who lives alongside his subjects.

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